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White Sage Leaf Stacker Ring ≫∘

A simple, stunning white sage leaf that has been moulded and cast into sterling silver. A small token of grounding and protective remembrance.

We have them made in sizes and also ones that are adjustable. The adjustable sizes can fit sizes 6-9 comfortably.


*These have been made for adjustment and while they are sturdy, please be mindful that excessive or unnecessary bending of the ring band could cause damage if done for extended period of time.


White sage (salvia apiana)
The white sage embodies some of the highest wisdoms of the plant kingdom. It holds the essence of purity, embodied wisdom, and the practical application of spirituality. .
This sacred path assists with integrating the spiritual and physical worlds together, dissolving the boundary between the mundane day to day world and our spiritual life.
White sage helps to bring the knowledge from the mind down into the heart where it is embodied and transmuted into wisdom.
It is the plant representation of turquoise which simple purpose is spirit of the earth, so that can also give you more of an idea of the magic this plant brings into our heart.
This is an amazing plant to work with in times of meditation, contemplation and ceremony.
Its planetary ruler is Mercury, corresponding to the air element.

(Written wisdom from organic unity and the JMAsar liquid Crystal's work)