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Twiggy Ring ≫∘

I find so much joy in creating pieces that stem from nature. The raw rustic beauty found in the patterns of every branch, leaf and seedpod share so much to their story, wisdom, and medicine. These are beautiful to wear on their own or stacked.
These rings are made using our signature Cast and moulded Eucalyptus twig in sterling silver, and come in a range of stones currently including Turquoise and Labradorite - with more crystals to come. Sizes are from 6- 10.
*Each stone is different and varies in colour and pattern. If there is a colour you would prefer in the turquoise- more blue or more green , please leave a note in the order and I'll try to accommodate if there is one in the size you ordered. 


Through healing and protection, the eucalyptus tree works quickly to clear a pathway to wellbeing. Not only is it fast-acting on the respiratory system and how we breathe, key words here are clearing, cleansing negative cycles, working when someone is stagnant, scattered or life seems fragmented. 
Work with this tree embodies an activation in the heart and throat chakras, bringing unison to deliver balance and wisdom. Old repeating cycles fall away to new pathways and new wisdom organises thoughts and feelings to bring about realizations.
Its planetary ruler is the moon corresponds to the air element.


Turquoise, stone of the spirit of the earth, allows you to gently reconnect down, grounding your energy. She is a master healer, able to offer the true cause of dis-ease then  the pathway to cure with clear expression on and between all levels of self, spiritual to physical. Did you know that the more bluer the stone, the more it opens to spirit, while the presence of green opens one up to the goddess and the nature of earth. It is from this that Turquoise gets it's simple purpose with the human race 'The spirit of the Earth.' 

"I am a river, blue with the ray of communication; lie quiet and in blessing of Ra look into the endless sky. Feel me open you to the purity, clarity and art of truthful voice, listen well as the Grandmother speaks her song and let it dance in your every cell."  


Labradorites shimmery iridescence has magical properties within 🌌 she is the stone of freewill, teaching us to be accountable for our manifestations. 
Helping us to direct our focus, clear our mind and heart so we can clearly feel what we wish to create. When you're feeling scattered, easily affected/influemced by other people's energy fields and not in a good way, this is the stone for you.
"Enter my light, accept my truths and blessings, for in the darkness of my physical form I hide the endless lights of the universe. I am an infinite resource of all that was, is and can be. Let us reopen the doors of understanding so you may see again that the power of change rests in your hands. Go forth, light the torch of freewill and create. "     
Amber, tree resin that has fossilized over millions of years from ancient conifers has a simple purpose of 'laughter'. This is the stone for those who find themselves trapped in life. Amber's sun filled colour rays penetrate depression and empower the choice of new paths. Obstacles are laughed aside, lessons are learned and a new self is birthed. Brilliant for those whose response to lifes struggles is to laugh to hide the pain and struggle they feel inside.
"It is with joy and laughter that we shall anchor within the conscious self the reality of true spirit. Hold my hand now as we glimpse the perfection of universal light, the eternal sun that is one and all."
(Written wisdom from Justin Moikeha Asar and evolutionary herbalism )