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The Oracle Rings ≫∘

We look around us and through the universal language of symbolism we seek to find answers to our questions as we ponder the universe.

The Oracle Collection, is a series of plant and tarot inspired pieces sharing combined wisdoms from many places through really special symbolic designs. Alot of time, and joy went into creating these for you all, and my hope is that you'll wear these like a talisman of strength, abundance and protection taking you into your next journey. There are a few more on their way too.


Pendants come in either Sterling silver, or 18k vermeil gold (which is a thicker 2micron 18k Gold plating over sterling silver) and a 50cm chain in the same metal (gold plated chain also has *ecoating which is a coating to preserve gold for longer) You will also receive a card with information on the pendant design youre receiving. 


*To extend the life of your gold vermeil jewelry, avoid wearing when washing hands, showering, applying lotion, using harsh cleaning supplies or working out. To clean, buff gently with a soft and dry 100% cotton cloth or a microfiber cloth. Do not use jewelry cleaner on gold plated jewelry.


World card, XXI 

Within traditional tarot, the world card, XXI is the final card in the major arcana. It signals wholeness, accomplishment, abundance, a time for celebration with the world at your feet! 
Hand of the mysteries:  
This engraved symbolism represents the profound interconnectedness that is shared within our soul and the universal wisdom around us. Looking within the hand of the mysteries are all of the alchemical, elemental and astrological symbols, showing that we have everything we need within ourselves to achieve mastery in this life. We all have magick, aware or unaware. Learning how to master this creates moments in time where if we all dance along in the flow, we will find ourselves dancing in the star dust of the cosmic rhythm, and in that space anything is possible. 
Plant Magick: 
Underneath the hand of mysteries is a wreath of Elder. Elder is the teacher in the ways of the forest, the medicine, the energy of the seasons, the cycles, boundaries and structures that move. She gives a remembrance of this within our heart and mind. Helping us to see beyond the physical structures of the world and into the spirit. 
<span;>Elder is highly protective, teaching us that mastery comes from within. To be of this world- is to be in this world. In some texts she is ruled by the planet Mars due to her profound healing in the removal of heat and blood cleansing. But it's in her spiritual nature that acts as a vessel to source, that's seen as a signature of Saturn which is an important symbol for this design. 
The traits of the World Card XXI can be seen within the sign of Capricorn in the zodiac. “We have journeyed to the peak of the mountain, now we embody hard work and determination to reach a place of success within”. How do you define success? This is different for everyone and there is no right or wrong. Stay mindful and allow appreciation and gratitude for all you have created. It's beautiful to set goals but it is just as important to enjoy the ones you've already achieved before looking forward to the next one. Enjoy the view from the Mountain peak. 


The Sun Card XIX 
Within traditional tarot, The Sun Card XIX represents vitality, optimism, abundance and joy. It is one of the most positive cards you can choose from the deck, signalling a deep resounding Yes! To that which you are asking. 
With our hands and hearts open, we are ready to receive all that is available to us through inspiration. Health, relationships, abundance, creativity, our inner love and self-worth, is being nourished like a seed in the earth. These seeds which once lay dormant are now embraced by the loving suns life giving rays, and from there they will grow. It is that energy or force that we can use to grow our desires in all areas of our life. If you have journeyed through the darkness, this is a sign to let you know that all is going to be ok. The dawn light has begun to shine upon you, the clouds are shifting and it will be a beautiful day. 

Plank Magick & The Zodiac 
Sunflowers are an important part of this design as they are a signature for the zodiac sign Leo. Sunflowers teach you to reach for the sky. Dispelling negativity and feelings of low self-worth, reminding you of your light within, allowing that light to shine out. Lean into the knowing of your heart’s wisdom, it has a place in this world and needs to be shared. The sunflowers message is one of vibrancy, individuality. Are you being true to yourself? Don’t dance in someone else’s shadow. Her seeds are nourishing, building, and full of nutrients. They protect your heart, circulatory system and boost immunity. 


The Star XVII

In traditional tarot the star symbolises hope, faith, transformation and strength,  spirituality, blessings and open heartedness.

The star is the keeper of the mysteries of the universe, the celestial force of wisdom inside every molecule.
To gaze at a mountain brings about divine inspiration. Many walk its peaks in search of transcendence and spiritual elevation.
This symbolism depicts a mountain river transmuting into a snake. The river holds the consciousness of starry insight, and the snake represents our ever-evolving journey. As we shed old layers that no longer serve us we become higher more refined versions of ourselves.

The traits of the Star Card XVII can be seen within the sign of Aquarius in the Zodiac. The Star card is a reminder that anything is possible because magick flows through you. If you have gone through a period of internal struggles this is a sign that things have begun to shift. A time of personal growth, the star brings about a renewed sense of faith in yourself. The strength and wisdom you have gained, and a trust in allowing your heart to guide the way. Do not doubt your abilities and strengths