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Ariah fern Cuff ≫∘

This cuff is a one off statement piece like no other! Handcrafted with one piece of isis lemurian quartz, and 2 moulded and cast fern leaves, Cyathea australis, native to South East Queensland, Australia. It has sterling silver banding and a small hook, the silver banding does have some give to it to be opened and closed, but being mindful that excessive bending with force could damage it.


Ferns, to me, will always be markers of sacred spaces, an indication of the presence of mystery. They are sacred enough to me that it almost seems sacrilegious to think of picking them or using them for anything without very specific guidance. A plant that surpasses dinosaurs, ferns have been around for milennia. A good reminder that magical herbalism isn’t always about use. The deepest magic of plants is often the gift of their presence, one you can enjoy without taking anything from them.


Quartz, a master healer and the grandmother of the geometry world, she is a record keeper of wisdom from the ages. Helping to bring clarity, quartz magnifies energies, and depending on the geometric structure within it can be attuned to different frequencies