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Larimar Freya Ring ≫∘

Delicately wrapped around your finger are 2 twig bands made from moulded and cast eucalyptus twigs (Eucalyptus robusta) that came from a real plant in sterling silver. Paired with the most beautiful piece of Larimar, this ring is classy and rustic and make you feel like a queen. Only make limited numbers of these. 


 Larimar, from air and water combined, birthed through volcanic fire, and made physical in the Earth's sacred embrace. The Stone of service, she allows a harmonious blending of Emotions (Water) and Mind (Air) cooling all the fiery areas into soothing peace and calm. Larimar activates a fearless ability to flow through life. Calling you to service, a powerful reminder that that we all have the gift of healing, though it's path is infinitely different in each person.
I am the teachers teacher, igniting the playing field of life with the infinite pathways of joy and expression, each unique and all important. Step into me, the unlimited nature of your creativity, growth, and knowledge will shine from you, with heart and mind at peace and calm in the ocean of unity.

Written wisdom from Justin Moikeha Asar.