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Japser Pendant ≫∘

This is such a fascinating piece, you can get lost in it. (Words hardest piece to photograph) I wanted to set it in a simple setting to really allow it to shine. Set in sterling silver and comes with a 60cm sterling chain. 


Jasper has one of the most nurturing and grounding energies available. Like a gentle, loving hug from mamma earth herself, she is asking you to take a deep breath, a moment for yourself. She is one of the most grounding and stabilising stones, assisting when life /change has perhaps gotten too fast creating a 'healing crisis'.

Are you giving yourself the same time and care you give others? This can be a question hard to answer for some. You are more able to be of service to others when your own cup is full xx

There are many different varieties of Jasper and it's found all over the world. The energies are similar across the board, I have mainly chosen Oregon Jasper for most of them but also have a few others and wanted to add that green Jasper helps to nurture and love your heart.

'I am the voice of Earth's sacred embrace, except my gift. Gently feel me move through you, My subtle energies and gentle warmth will slow your world to a new pace in alignment with your total being. Through me you will come to see, know and honour your needs as part of God's creation, let us begin.'