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Cedar leaf Earrings ≫∘

Moulded from a variety of cedar, these have been cast into sterling silver and created into beautiful simple drop earrings that share in the magick of this plants' beauty. Hooks are sterling silver too.

Cedar has many teachings, taking you on a journey of transformation and purification through igniting the internal fire within. They give us the magick and wisdom associated with physicality - healing, money, luck and protection. These trees live for thousands of years, their roots running deep down into the heart of the earth, growing up reaching the heights of the sky. This teaching us that in order to reach success we need to create strong foundations first. Foundations and boundaries. Because how can we truely grow, stand strong and achieve greatness if we give all of our power away?
Original texts say that it grows under the sun and fire element, but due to the sheer size of them, their structure and how they create a clear boundary around them in their growth, there is definitely some Saturn/ capricorn/earth correspondents there too.

(Written wisdom from organic unity and the JMAsar liquid Crystal's work)