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Banksia Leaf Earrings with Opal ≫∘

Banksias are always a sign that the ocean is nearby for me. Where I live there stain every edgeline, showcasing the beauty, fertility and hostility of this land. Moulded from real banksia leaf and cast into sterling silver,  and set with cute little Australian Opals, these are lightweight and comfortable to wear everyday. 


*Due to the beautiful nature of this stone, there are varying colours and shape within these magical stones. The piece you are given may slightly differ from the one shown.


Banksia (Banksia integrifolia)
Through the transmutation of fire, it plays a vital role in the rebirth of this tree. On one level it could possibly kill it, but it also stimulates the opening of seed bearing follicles and facilitates the germination of new seeds in the ground - through death comes life. .
This can be reflected within ourselves and how the banksia tree can work within us. 
It is a tree of rebirth and spiritual connection, opening the intimate pathways to the higher self so personal wisdom can be rediscovered. Working with this tree brings about vitality, a patience for the self and own journey of wisdom. .
Balances pitta, the fire element and its planetary ruler is the sun. .
These leaves have been cast from the coastal banksia found along queensland and nsw regions. 


Opal. With it's simple purpose of 'Emotional Magnification' that should lead to what this stone will offer for you in healing. Up to 21% water, these mystical stones capture the dancing rays of light within its watery realm shining on the emotions that we sometimes hide in, or hide from, clearing away illusion so we can be completely truthful where our feelings are concerned. Deeply healing, and personal, opal heals emotions on a powerful level, she teaches one to allow feelings into action, respect the emotions of others to find mastery and balance. These opals are Australian, connecting to the grounded energies within this land.

Like the light of a thousand suns, I will shine and magnify you, making you aware of the role of emotion in the creative avenues of manifestation and judgement.  Be aware as I enter you that I know no limit, seeking to place you on your individual path of realisation, I will magnify the emotional space. In your choice to begin our work it is nearly over as realisation is the key.

Written wisdom from Justin Moikeha Asar and Evolutionary herbalism.