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The world we live in today is a reflection of the timeless wisdom and magick that has been woven through the very fibres of this Earth; through threads and seeds planted millennia ago from a long lineage of ancestors who roamed this earth so long before us.

The plant world taught us many things, and amongst its most powerful, it taught us that we are purely reflections of them, and that by connecting with an open heart, we are able to attune ourselves to the many different degrees of healing that they can offer us.
I believe that we each innately have the ability to see, to feel, and to know them intimately… 

Sadly, today's society seems to have forgotten the beautiful healing that plants avail to us; pulling them apart into separation, seeing only individual phyto-chemicals and constituents-  forgetting that within a single plant there holds the planets, the elements and the potential for healing on a level that a single pharmacological compound could never even try to replicate, nor possibly extract.

I started casting because I wanted to bring the plant worlds wisdom back into the light. I want to be able to share the wonder and the magick that these plants offer- to incorporate them into these carefully curated jewels so that when you wear them, there is a part of them that gets reactivated, a remembrance or re-knowing, a sweet whisper that invites these plants to reconnect to you- and you, with them. If it can be done in this way, it will mean that you're carrying its energy with you in everyday life which is so special- and I too believe, so beautiful!

I am so excited to share this with you and in turn, I dream that you’ll share with others, and hopefully with time, reconnect with plants and share their wonder with the people in your life, starting from your children to your grand parents, so that one day, we all can share in the many secrets of the soil below our feet and perhaps even- the stars upon our sky.

With so much love, and with the hugest of gratitude, 
thank you for finding your way here and sharing in my dream to reconnect us all with the plant world.
Jess xx
-maker of all things beautiful, and believer in all things magic.