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Sun Signs

Sun Signs
This is a write up of each signs information that you will recieve when you purchase your astrlogical sun.
Sun in Aries - Rosemary
Rosemarinus officinalis
Planetary ruler - Sun
Elementary ruler - Fire
Radiant, warm, uplifting, and energizing, Rosemary dispels dark moods and depression and provides an energy boost. She supports mental clarity and memory, awakening vision and Inspiring the senses. She clears tension that creates headaches, instilling concentration and on a deeper level awakens ancestral memory. Rosemary activates the body and mind from stagnation, restoring your body’s inner warmth and fire for life. Rosemary is a restorative, improving circulation, the immune system and brain.

I AM alive, vital, the leader, the warrior. Full of passion & drive I will push myself. I want to win. Energy constantly surges through my entire body and I must physically move, shake, or run the excess off for if it builds up I will explode! I will compete, it's in my nature, with Mars as my planetary ruler, planet of war,  I fire up and will fight you, ! My overall enthusiasm, positivity and motivation will keep you inspired to do better, be better, be the best version of you. 

Sun in Taurus - Sage
Salvia officialis
Planetary ruler - Moon
Elementary ruler - Air
The white sage embodies some of the highest wisdoms of the plant kingdom. She holds the essence of purity, embodied wisdom, and the practical application of spirituality. This sacred plant assists with integrating the spiritual and physical worlds together, dissolving the boundary between the mundane day to day world and our spiritual life. Sage helps to bring the knowledge from the mind down into the heart where it is embodied and transmuted into wisdom. She is a keeper of immortality and longevity to the body. Purifies not only the spirit but the body, protecting you against infections, colds and flus.

I AM divine Earth Mumma holding you in my fixed container of support, love and unending care. Venus rules me, I love to love, I love to be comfortable but most of all I love to provide for you, sustain you, to the point I believe you are mine. Possessive I am, I know you don't belong to me yet I feel like you do. My wrath is potent, do not push me for you will witness the raging bull I tame so well. You will not see this side of me often as my grounded and solid nature run  through me like a river runs through the mountains. I know what I want and I go after it with tenacity. I am fierce AND soft, my feet on the ground is where I am most at home.

Sun in Gemini - Eucalyptus
Eucalyptus robusta
Planetary ruler - Mercury/moon
Elementary ruler - Air
Through healing and protection, eucalyptus works quickly to clear a pathway to health. Not only is it fast acting on the respiratory system and how we breathe, key words here are clearing, cleansing negative cycles, working when someone is stagnant, scattered or life seems fragmented.
She embodies an activation in the heart and throat chakras, bringing unison to deliver balance and wisdom. Old repeating cycles fall away to new pathways and new wisdom organises thoughts and feelings to bring about realizations.

I AM the messenger, divine communicator of Hermes, conversation and connection is my thing. I'm quick to learn, crave knowledge and know a lot about a lot. Sharing my ideas, thoughts or general mind ramblings comes easy to me, I must be mentally stimulated or I am bored. Im fun, flighty, light hearted, changeable and will keep you feeling young. My duality is perplexing at times as my mind shifts in and out of options, truths and untruths, one minuter I am this the next I am that. I am the trickster, very curious and am skilled at doing many things at once, I will entertain you all whilst dropping in random facts, I will keep you on your toes. 

Sun in Cancer - Chamomile
Matricaria recutita
Planetary ruler - Sun
Elementary ruler- Water
Chamomile can help us to process difficult emotions, by gently reconnecting us with who we were before so that we can move on to who we are becoming. Like a nurturing grandmother, She has the ability to help us heal our inner child, clearing emotional sensitivity that can make moving through the world difficult, giving you emotional depth and intelligence. By activating the parasympathetic nervous system, her ability to calm digestive issues from nervous tension is like non other.

I AM the mother, the creatrix, the true Moonchild, for the Moon is my ruler and like her I go through phases, these are my moods. From the breast I will feed you, feed your heart & soul. I will tend to you dear one. Let no one cause you pain for if they do I will be here to nurture you and provide a home for you. I am your safe place, the arms in which you can fall, the ear that will listen. I am highly ambitions a trait missed by many as my hard exterior shell keeps me showing up as strong, tough and having it all together. Yet underneath all of that is a very gentle, tender me, I wound easily and can hold onto those wounds for decades. Home is where my heart is and where I am most free.

Sun in Leo - Sunflowers
Helianthus annuus
Planetary ruler - Sun
Elementary ruler - Earth
Sunflowers teach you to reach for the sky. Dispelling negativity and feelings of low self worth, they remind you of your light within, allowing that light to shine out and a knowing of the wisdom coming from your heart has a place in this world and needs to be shared. Her message is one of vibrancy, individuality. Are you being true to yourself? Dont dance in someone elses shadow. Her seeds are nourishing, building, and full of nutrients. They protect your heart, circulatory system and boost immunity.

I AM the golden child, radiant light I am, I am RA! Ruled by the Sun the powerful manifestor, the potent life giving creator, I too am all of these things, if I just believed it more I would rarely dim my own light or hide from myself. For I want to be seen yet being seen scares me, the duality is rife. I expect a lot from myself and don't want to let others down, I wear my heart on my sleeve and although my lion exterior may roar and be puffed up, I rarely see myself in this blinding light. When I let go, play, have fun and come back to my truest nature of full expression of who I am, I win!

Sun in Virgo - Fennel
Foeniculum vulgare
Planetary ruler- Mercury
Elementary ruler- Air
Fennel helps you process emotional aggravation that manifests as indigestion, heartburn, or an upset stomach, helping you to look more objectively at what feelings, people, places, and situations are causing you agitation. She supports the gift of how to be a source of nourishment for others within a balanced and healing context. As a sign of Mercury, Virgo guards our body’s physical intelligence, including the second brain in our gut as well as our consciousness filter or the brain settled in our skull.  Fennel helps nourishes both brain centers by acting as a nervine on an overworked nervous system. Her calmative, antispasmodic properties are brilliant on the gut and digestive system.

I AM a healer, I am here for you, I desire to serve. I am the earth goddess, connected to the plant world and take pride in working with their wisdom. Do not mistake my silence for arrogance or pretentious, I hold my cards close to my chest and only reveal them to very few people, it's really not you, it's me! My strength is in the solutions I can offer you, the hands on nitty gritty work that I will help you with, being of assistance and attending to you lights me up. Ruled by mercury, my mind is very active, I can be very hard on myself, overthinking, over critical and expecting perfectionism. I am self regulated, self contained and self controlled, but when I relax my mind, go with the flow and see how perfect the imperfect is I am free.

Sun in Libra - Ashwagandha
Withania somnifera
Planetary ruler - Venus
Elementary ruler- Air
Ashwagandha is a supreme restorative, rebuilding strength and stamina in the body. Her teachings support us in healing lifetimes of intergenerational trauma, so we can let go of fear, and respond to the world once more with compassion, free of judgement. She restores mental clarity and prepares the mind for learning, helpful when the mind is in overwhelm, exhaustion and helps in the decision making process. A unique adaptogen, she relaxes rather than stimulates, encouraging the body to restore itself naturally through calming the nervous system. Beneficial to the urinary system, kidneys, nervous systems and reproductive.

I AM friendly, diplomatic and the epitome of the peacekeeper. I'm here to relate, a great mediator as I see both sides and deeply care about the wellbeing of my fellow human. Constantly seeking balance in my world I find I can be indecisive, constantly weighing things up. This balancing act becomes the main theme of my inner world where I am always in the throws of being either in balance or out of balance. My core desire is to feel harmony every single day, that is what I dream of. I am a lover of people, very sociable yet must remind myself not to expect others to live the way I live, my judgements can be severe as my values and standards around fairness, equality and justice are strong. I am tuned into the beauty that surrounds me, with Venus as my ruler I love love, the idea of it, the acts of it, the possibilities of it. Spoil me.

Sun in Scorpio - Calandula
Calendula officialis
Planetary ruler - Sun
Elementary ruler - Water
Calendula is pure herbal sunshine, revitalizing your inner sun, and shining her light on the waters of the body, mind and emotions. She clears away and stagnation, strengthening ones sense of
self and personal empowerment, and is said to protect against all forms of evil influences. Calendula weaves her magic on healing external and internal wounding, digestive issues, the lymphatic and reproductive systems.

I AM the creator and the destroyer, I am magic and don't you forget it. I manifest, I manipulate, I move mountains with the power of my own will. Pluto is my ruler, and together we are the great mystery, the great enigma, often I am an enigma to my own self. Self-discovery and self-transformation are vital parts of my world. I am the phoenix and I will rebirth from the trauma, hardship and suffering that I have endured. I am private so please don't pry. I will sting you so watch out. I am loyal and will stand by you, I will take you deep into the taboos of life and there we rest in the dark, together, this is real.

Sun in Sagittarius - Dandelion
Taraxacum officinale
Planetary ruler - Jupiter
Elementary ruler - Earth
Dandelion exhibits healing potential on both the emotional and physical realms, by releasing excess tension to open up to focus in order to effortlessly harness your full manifestation power. She goes deep within to clear anger and deep repressed emotions out of the liver, bringing purification and light into those dark places. The whole plant can be used in healing and its primary skill lies in its ability to help vitality move freely through the body. One of the primary ways that Dandelion accomplishes this is by clearing the blood of toxins and waste material through strengthening the liver. Dandelion has a tonic effect on the blood, lymph system, and liver, helping to detoxify all three and improve the eliminatory qualities of the liver and gallbladder.

I AM the gysy, the wanderer, philosopher and adventurer. With Jupiter as my ruler I am expansive, a great storyteller, a teacher, a Guru! Like a wild brumby I must be free, free to explore the world through my own experiences, free to master my own beliefs as I discover them, don't cage me in or restrict me. I'm like a shooting star, full of visions, ideas and potential, yet find it difficult to settle on any one thing, there is too much to seek and uncover. I am a truth teller plain and simple, tactless, blunt and to the point. Yet you will oversee this quickly as my optimistic, jovial and full of life nature is what makes me stand out.

Sun in Capricorn - Elder
Sambucus nigra
Planetary ruler - Saturn
Elementary ruler - Fire
Elder is the teacher in the ways of the forest, the medicine, the energy of the seasons, the cycles, boundaries and structures that move and a remembrance of this within our heart and mind. Helping us to see beyond the physical structures of the world and into the spirit. She is highly protective, teaching us that to be, we must derive power from within, to be of this world is to be in this world. Elder boosts your immune system, protecting your body against colds and flus, and strengthens cell membranes by preventing virus penetration.

I AM the provider, the building which will hold you, feel solid to you, you can lean on me, depend on me and trust me with your life. With Saturn as my ruler we know that boundaries are important, and will remind you that only through being responsible and working hard will you reach the summit, where success is the reward. Serious, integral, driven and reliable I know I must carve out time for me to relax, unwind, and just have fun!  I am very deep, an alchemist as such and am always happy to share my wisdom and knowledge to help you on your path. I pride myself on my intellectual ability, great sense of groundedness, stability and have a wicked witty sense of humour.

Sun in Aquarius - St John's Wort
Hypericum perforatum
Planetary ruler - Sun
Elementary ruler - Air
St. John’s Wort invites us into our central sun which represents the core of who we are. The Sun is all about coming into direct contact with our essential self, being strong in that, and learning to shine our truth out into the world in a way that is of service and benefit to the whole. She lifts and activates our spirit, shining down on the dark recesses of our being, transforming depressed and melancholic states so you can look beyond your challenges from a new strength and perception. She protects your auric field, is brilliant on the nervous system and as a tonic for the whole body vitality levels.

I AM eccentric, obscure, eclectic just as my ruling planet Uranus is the only planet that spins on its side, I too am different. I not only require space, I need it, alone time is my sanctuary, where I am just me. I am a visionary and want better things for humanity, my ideas may be too prgrssesiove for some but feel right to me. I am fixed in my own ideas, thoughts and ways of thinking even if they are outside the box, I won't budge. I'm not who you think I am, I may come across as selfish, or detached, yet I am a deep illusion, a figment of your and my own imagination. Highly creative, I yearn to play in that field where I lose myself, freedom always calls me and I will always answer.

Sun in Pisces - Wood Betony
Stachys officinalis
Planetary ruler - Jupiter
Elementary ruler - Fire
Wood Betony is perfect for piscean shadows and those in need of psycho-spiritual protection. When people find it hard to handle the responsibilities of the physical world, so find solice in the dreamstate or the spiritual higher realms. Facilitating the integration of spirit back into the body, it blends our energy & emotions, to build a protective barrier of our subconscious or overly conscious thoughts that come from a place of fear. It helps to raise our own vibrations, shifting us into an energetically higher vibration, helping to ward off the lower energies that no longer resonate with us. 
It has calminative and mildly spasmodic qualities, and is one of the best remedies for cramping, headache, tension as it settles and tonifies the nerves.

I AM soft, whimsical, elusive and connected to the entire cosmos. Neptune, my ruler, gives me gifts of ultra sensitivity, I am a psychic sponge, I feel you before I see you. I get confused about where I begin and you end as I merge with you and have trouble with boundaries. I can easily play victim or martyr as it's natural for me to sacrifice myself for others, and although this is who I am, a wise counsel to the masses, I must remember to fill my own cup up and not give at the detriment of my own wellbeing. Serve don't save can be my most powerful mantra. Fantasy, imagination, rose coloured glasses, and dream life keeps me inspired and disconnected from the mundane which I find quite dull. I float on the clouds of life and dance in between the realms of light.

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