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Moon Signs

This is a write up of each signs information that you will recieve when you purchase your astrlogical sun.
Moon in Aries - Yarrow
Achillea millefolium
Planetary ruler - Venus
Elementary ruler - Fire
Yarrow helps us to see within our own sacred wounding we were born into, it can be then transmuted into our strengths, gifts and unique talents so that we can share then with the world. She connect us to our inner strength, helping us to step into the way of the warrior. Yarrow invigorates our auric field, creating clear boundaries and teaching us have to create healthy boundaries with others. Yarrow can be used for so many conditions, she really shines in clearing excess heat and stagnation from the body, head aches, clearing fevers, working with, to purify the blood and circulatory system to fight again infections and sickness.

I FEEL reactive, misunderstood, impulsive and dynamic. Feelings run hot through my body and I may speak before I think, and say sorry later. My heart is on fire! Do you feel me, do you feel what I feel? I want you to feel the courageous burn of my ignited light within, the raging fire at my core. Time alone helps me to process my big feels, yet as quick as I fire up, I diffuses, it goes, I move on, Im done! My emotions are hard to contain, rapid like that of a bushfire yet my love is deep and passion for life obvious. 

Moon in Taurus - Rose
Rosa acicularis
Planetary ruler - Venus
Elementary ruler - Water
Rose is a master teacher of the deepest levels of love, showing us how to connect, bring balance to our relationships. She shows us the way to the inner temple within, the source of our own self love and reconnects to the infinite wisdom within. As an aphrodisiac, Rose is an opener - it opens the heart and body to sensual experience. Like many aphrodisiacs, Rose has nervine and nourishing qualities which help to relax and soothe the body so that it may become ready and desirous of intimacy. This plant beautifies that which is touches. Shes tonifying, rejuvenating, nourishes and balances excess heat from the body. Roses assist with memory and promotes clarity of mind, heart, and spirit by connecting all three.

I FEEL connected to everything around me, the Earth belongs to me. I taste the air, the wind moves with me, I sing with the birds and blossom like the flowers, I am like honey to the bees! The earth's hum moves through my veins and my senses are alive! I crave comfort and am a goddess of love, holding you in a sacred container of warmth and protection, I will shelter you from the cold harsh storm. I am prone to laziness, overindulgence to the max, netflix and chill literally sums me up! My emotions are fixed, slow and deliberate, I show you my love sensually, fully exposed, but please be delicate with me, I am but a fragile bird. 

Moon in Gemini -Passionflower
Passiflora incarnata
Planetary ruler - Moon
Elementary ruler - Air
Passionflower shares her magick when the mind is caught in mental loops. She helps pulls the vital force down back from the ethers to the mind - grounding scatteredness, anxiety, calming repeating thoughts of a mind running in mental/emotional excess. Looking at how the plant grows is reminiscent on how she can help, in the chaos of rambling vine, leaves and tendrils, flowers of such beauty and wonder will shine through, I like to think that's reflective on the mind, she brings calmness to the mind and dreamstate so the beauty of wisdom can be seen. A brilliant nervine and sedative on the nervous system, she does this because of her ability to shift you from sympathetic (freeze/ flight/ flight) to the para sympathetic (resting/ digesting) nervous system process.

I FEEL through my mind, I filter my emotions in thought as I analyse my heart. I think what I feel and don't know the separation between them, they are one, heart and mind. Sharing my truest feelings only comes with extreme closeness, I would rather talk about anything else other than how im feeling. Emotions are light and detached and I want to be understood though my moods are restless and changeable. I must remember to come back to me, my truth, my heart as to not let anxiety creep in and debilitate me. Communicating lights me up and I notice subtle nuances others don't as my lightening speed senses are always activated.

Moon in Cancer -Marshmallow
Althea officinalis
Planetary ruler - Moon
Elementary ruler - Water
Marshmallow softens and nourishes an emotionally dry soul. Like the mother who intuitively knows when you're holding back those tears, her gentle hug opens the sky, allowing the inner dry desert to once again recieve the emotional rains so they can be felt, released and growth can then take place. Physically as well as emotionally she moistens that which has dried. Her presence of mucilaginous polysaccharides, making her a demulcent, soothes dried and inflamed mucosal membranes in the digestive, respiratory and urinary tract.

I FEEL very deeply, I long for, I crave; feelings are my world and I feel you. My emotions ARE me and are so strong at times I can feel past pain like it was just moments ago. My physical body actually stores emotions so I must take due care to purposefully release, let go and forgive for if not inner resentments build and I will be sure to reside in a painful dark space. Family, belonging and my home is where I am safe, my world resides with those closest to me. Intuitive, psychic and guided by my hunches, when I trust them I am always right, they know the way. Sensitive, empathic, in tune, I feel the world at large, our hearts they are one.

Moon in Leo - Motherwort
Leonurus cardiaca
Planetary ruler - Venus
Elementary ruler - Fire
Motherwort teaches us compassion, courage, and strength as we dive into the deepest parts of ourselves, cultivating in the transformational process of overcoming our greatest fears and challenges. Think of the term 'lion hearted', her fundamental spiritual teaching is to help us learn how to live in accordance with our heart and our truest nature. She helps us to move away from conditioned reactive patterns that hold us back while granting us the experience of what it means to feel grounded in our sense of self. Motherwort is a cardiac trophorestorative, meaning that it helps to balance and nourish the cardiovascular system. She also is wonderful alley on the waters of the body, esp the reproductive organs, hormones and helps bring balance to these areas.

I FEEL over the top, dramatic and maybe like the world has come to an end, but it hasn't and I move on. I see my emotions are big, grand and hard to contain in this human suit, yet my heart explodes with feelings. My mane displays a playful, light demeanour yet underneath the desire for praise and recognition reigns strong. Do not put me down, especially in public, for I do not respond well to being dismissed or undermined. I am colourful, optimistic and extremely generous, the Queen of emotions, I feel happy when I can express me, when I am seen, noticed and attended to; I really am larger than life.

Moon in Virgo - Lemonbalm
Melissa officinalis
Planetary ruler- Jupiter
Elementary ruler - Earth
When life becomes too serious, or you have become to rigid, self critical or worrisome, lemonbalm opens you up allowing the sunshine in. As we enter Spring, decluttering your world will create space for the new. She asks you to seek joy and peace in the simple things in life, to let go of the inner judgement that can take control of your mind and emotions and pollinate what you want to see more of. Lemon balm works her magic in the stomach, liver and digestive system. It soothes the nervous system in an effective and yet gentle way to help anxiety and insomnia and is a powerful protectant against viruses.

I FEEL tightly wound up with a strong urge to express myself, yet with this constant niggle that holds me back. Emotions and feelings for me are best expressed in the doing, in the action. My mind will analyse my feelings, as I need them to be in order, and have some structure. I become self critical and at times doubt my own heart, I must remember to be human is to feel. My body will tell me what's going on, worry, anxiety are messages, processing my emotions is key. I am a healer, and feel valued when I am being of service, when I feel like I am a part of something bigger. I want to help, this makes my heart happy.

Moon in Libra - Cleavers
Galium aparine
Planetary ruler- Venus
Elementary ruler - Water
Cleavers works her magic in our inner oceans. She moves through our emotional waters, clearing out what is no longer needed, allowing us to let go of the past, unhealthy relationships and attachments to people that do not serve your highest good. Assisting us in standing in our truth, while being open with a deeper understanding to the truth of others, this cultivates balance when starting a new relationship. It has the ability to clear the watery areas of the body from stagnation, its cooling and tonifying qualities easing excessive heat and irritability.

I FEEL happy being surrounded by people, having strong bonds and connections to groups yet need my own time to reflect. I can be swept up into others feelings and emotions quite easily which cuts me off from what's really going on inside of me. I am intuitive, and connected to you, sometimes dependant, yet always refined and graceful in our interactions. My emotions are filtered through my mind and as I attempt to feel them I get lost figuring them out, dismissing them or make sense of them in my head. I am the listener, wanting to bring harmony into your life, I hear your woes and I will sit with you until they are sorted through. My love and emotions go deeper than you will know. 

Moon in Scorpio - Damiana
Turnera diffusa
Planetary ruler- Mars
Elementary ruler - Water
Damiana is for those who tend to feel stuck, scared or unsure and are inclined to withdraw into themselves in social situations, making it an excellent nervine remedy that both relaxes and stimulates the mind without over stressing it. A gentle aphrodisiac, generating deeper connection, enhancing your mood and allowing you to relax by keeping you present in the moment.
It's wonderful for the stagnant waters of the body, whether physical or emotional, freeing them up so they may flow.

I FEEL Kali energy rise from the depths of the underworld and there you will feel my wrath, you will know the power of my heart. My emotions run deep and beneath my placid exterior is intense well of emotions that may destroy you. You must know this! I feel everything, at a supersonic level, and I will help you to rebirth as I know too well the emotional intensity of this realm. I feel what is being unsaid and can read energy and penetrate through bullshit, a human lie-detector I am. My  emotional loyalty surpasses that of most humans, I run deep, passions bubbling like a volcanic eruption. I will immerse myself in you then transform us both.

Moon in Sagittarius - Holy basil
Ocimum sanctum
Planetary ruler- Jupiter
Elementary ruler - Fire
Holy basil has a deep affinity for the soul, nourishing it on a profound level so it can come into greater expression in our lives. Through strengthening the connection with our own soul, we are able to connect with, and see the soul in others- look beyond the ego and see the depth and divinity within another. It enkindles courage in times of weakness, restoring strength and empowerment through its action within the solar plexus and helps one to action their truth. It has a rejuvenating effect on the body, helping it adapt to environmental, emotional and physical factors, calming the nerves, and restoring balance.

I FEEL the desire to be free, emotionally independent, I require lots of emotional legroom. My heart hears the calls from the greener pastures and I fantasize about a bigger and better life.There is a fire within me that needs to seek, explore, travel and emotionally connect to foreign lands even foreign people. I love learning, my higher mind, linked to my heart requires stimulation and I will be an eternal student of this journey called life. If my words hurt you I assure you it's not my intention, my heart just tells it like it is, with a fiery flavour of red flames. I will inspire you to feel big, enjoy life, have a blast, play and not take life too seriously.

Moon in Capricorn - Mullein
Verbascum thapsus
Planetary ruler- Saturn
Elementary ruler - Air
Mullein in its essence softens that which has turned hard.
Psychologically in people that are constantly analyzing and being hard on themselves helping them to soften. It holds the heart safely allowing one to release their held emotions, open the boundaries. It teaches strength in vulnerability and being openhearted.
Physically aiding in structural issues in the spine and muscularskeletal systems, it also relieves dryness in the joints, increasing synovial fluid secretions and supports the integrity of bones, joints, ligaments and cartilage. A tonic for the respiratory system, it deeply strengthens and nourishes the airways of the body.

I FEEL my feelings quietly, privately, logically in a grounded manner. I'm not extreme but emotionally mature, I can be emotionally distant, my emotions run deep yet I will not share my woes as to not burden you with my problems. I am resourceful, and work though my emotions, I do require space to sift through them and often suffer in silence but when I feel safe I open up, I feel free. I need space and wear an emotional armour, yet I am wise, know how to hold space, leave the past behind me, heal and meet each feeling as it arises based in the now.

Moon in Aquarius -Milky oat seed
Avena sativa
Planetary ruler- Moon
Elementary ruler - Air
Milky Oats invites us to have balance in our mind (air) and emotions (moon). Cultivating harmony within the two, specifically in teaching us to not let our minds adversely affect our emotions and vice versa. Governed by the moon, with strong affinities for the air element, this plant is a trophorestorative for the nervous system. It nourishes, moistens, restores and rebuilds it from the ground up, an excellent plant to work with nervous system burnout, anxiety and an over active mind which has lead to exhaustion on any level (physical/ mental/ emotional/ spiritual).

I FEEL separate to my feelings as I hover above them, unattached, aloof just observing them from my mind. I wait for them to drop into my heart, to feel them, and I do but in my own unique way. My feelings are private, unconventional, typically misunderstood. It's not that I don't care, I care too much, my mind stays up thinking about how I can help, fix what's going on. I feel all the magic in the ethers and understand on a heart level the Universe and all of it's alchemy. I'm a sorcerer and highly prophetic, I can interpret all that is hidden, the illusions I understand.

Moon in Pisces - Mugwort
Artemisia vulgaris
Planetary ruler - Moon
Elementary ruler - Water
Carrying the medicine of the goddess, the wild feminine, the huntress, Mugwort opens up remembrance of ancient memory within the brain, bringing dream life visions of past and future that overflow with magick. Dreams infused with mugworts influences pull out the cobwebs of our forgetfulness and assist us in remembering old, unwritten ways of healing and living in alignment with our higher nature. Mugwort is particularly helpful when facing fears, nutting out problems and overcoming creative or emotional blocks. She is brilliant to help anxiety, and works her real magic in the reproductive system.

I FEEL everything, from every lifetime, from every body, from every planet. I am the universe in motion, I embody it all, the entire cosmos! Deeply compassionate, a natural empath, I will feel your pain like it is my own but must remember I am separate from you, learn to have solid boundaries where I begin and end and where you begin and end, this is key! I require refuge from the harsh knocks of reality as I easily absorb others energies. I feel music and art in my being and am most at home when I am travelling fluidly and formlessly through life.


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