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Mamma Musings- Tesia Fernandez

Today's musings are from a beautiful pup mamma from my all time favourite place, Hawaii. Tesia is an artist, taking inspiration from the world around her. Shes such a light in this world and I'm glad I can share her words. ❊❊❊ Tesia, I would love to hear your story. Tell us a bit about yourself, •What are you nurturing right now?  My creative self and self love ❊• What’s the biggest challenge in your life at the moment? Where are you making the most progress?  Opening up and being completely honest with myself, healing myself from the inside out. ❊ • Where do you get your inspiration?  In my art aspect, most of my inspiration comes from where I...

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Mamma Musings - Sarah B

I'm so excited to share the very 1st 'mamma musings' interview with you all... ❊ Sarah, from the Goldcoast, Australia is a beautiful mamma bear to her daughter Kai Manna. Reading her words, feeling her authenticity and raw truth, there is so much light within her... a magical spark that reflects out, and she is teaching her daughter how to be strong, free-spirited, and to see the love and beauty in everything around her. ❊  ❊  ❊ 

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To all my fellow mammas out there..

I've been wanting to write a blog for a while, and as my brain filtered through a myriad of scattered topics and potentials, I sat back, looked at my thought process and just had to laugh, really. I hadn't even started writing an intro and my mind took me away. 'How are you going to introduce yourself?, How do you define who you are? By your parental status? Your job? Food preferences? Astrological sign? Philosophical insights?' These are all relevant to paint a story and to share my journey, but on what level do you go to? What did I want to achieve? What can I offer another mum on a similar path? And with that, I found an answer......

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